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Dan’s Photography Links

Canon USA

Canon is one of the two major players in professional news photography. The other is Nikon. As for which company makes better equipment— that’s a toss up, but I prefer Nikon.

Paul Fetters Photography

This is a shameless plug for my friend Paul. If you need a really talented photographer for editorial, corporate or wedding photography in the DC metro area, give him a call.

Horseman Photo

The Horseman view cameras are fairly reasonably-priced and have a very wide range of movements for perspective/distortion control. They also make a decent field camera and several medium format, wide angle specialty cameras.

International Center of Photography

Definitely a must visit place if you're in the Big Apple. The ICP is both a school and a museum, and was founded in 1974 by Cornell Capa, the brother of the famous war photojournalist, Robert Capa.

Kinney Photography

This is a shameless plug for my friend Barbara. If you need a really talented photographer for editorial, corporate, or stock photography in the Seattle, Washington, area, give her a call.


Leica makes the most beautiful rangefinder cameras. Alfred Eisenstadt was so well known for using Leica cameras that Leica restored his M3, s/n 1,000,001, and gold-plated the exterior parts. The link is to the English-language version of the site.

Mamiya USA

I've put Mamiya up here, even though I don't generally use medium format equipment, because my father owned an RB67 when I was growing up. A lot of our family photos were taken by it.

Manfrotto USA

Manfrotto USA is the distributor for a Bogen tripods and lighting equipment. One thing I like about the Bogen tripods is they are reasonably priced for the capabilities they give you.

New England School of Photography

Some of the better photographers I've worked with teach at NESOP. The facilities are very modern. One photographer, Tom Petit, is the person who taught me to color print.

Nikon USA

This is a shameless plug for my favorite camera manufacturer. I'm a hopeless Nikon snob, and have been ever since I picked up a Nikkormat FT2 over 25 years ago. I've beat the hell out of my Nikons and they're still ticking.

The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University

The Photographic Resource Center is a great place to visit if you're ever up in Boston. It’s just outside of Kenmore Square. I loved to hang out there when I was living up in the Hub.

Photo Techniques Magazine

Photo Techniques Magazine is one of the best magazines for anyone who’s interested in traditional wet-darkroom techniques. It does have some articles on digital photography, but it’s major focus is on traditional darkroom-based photography.

View Camera Magazine

View Camera Magazine is a beautifully produced publication that features articles on photographers who use large format cameras. It also features articles on view camera techniques and equipment reviews.