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Dan’s Sailing Links

Corsair Marine, Inc.

Corsair Marine builds several models of Farrier-designed sailboats. The Corsair 24, 28 and 31 are based on Ian Farrier’s F-24, F-28, and F-31 designs. They are based in Chula Vista, California.

Cruising World Magazine

Cruising World Magazine discusses cruising— sails which take more than a single day. The issues that face a crusing sailor differ from those of a day-sailor. Day sailors generally don't have to worry about being able to cook or live aboard a small boat.

Dragonfly Sailboats

Dragonfly Sailboats is the Garwood, New Jersey-based, American branch of Quorning Boats. Quorning Boats was founded in 1967 by Borge Quorning. They produce one of the few direct competitors to the Farrier-designed Corsairs— the Dragonfly 800’s, 920’s, 1000’s and 1200’s are similar in size and features.

Farrier Class Association

The Farrier Class Association is a group dedicated to sailing Farrier-designed multi-hulls. The main area of focus is for people who race in Farrier class boats.

Farrier Marine, Inc.

Ian Farrier is the New Zelander who pioneered the modern trailerable trimaran with his unique Farrier Folding System™, and then popularized them with his well known F-27 design. Ian is now based out of Seattle, Washington.

Gemini Catamarans, Inc.

Gemini Catamarans makes the Telstar 28. It is a trailerable 28-foot trimaran. I've heard some good things about it... but it doesn't have the long history of some of it’s competitors.

Hobie Cat

Hobie Cats are really nice small sailboats. They're great for day sailing on lakes and have a very shallow draft, so they can be beached.

Sail Magazine

Sail Magazine is one of my favorite magazines. They are based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The magazine discusses sailing in all of its aspects, including cruising, but takes a broader view than Crusing World does.